Officially the band only released one EP whilst together and just an inclusion on the mods mayday. Since then their have been various comps and bootleg bits. I have started this discography with the anthology because I wanted to talk about the tunes.

The Small Hours
The Anthology

Can’t do without you / The Kid / Midnight to Six / Underground / Armistice Day / Watch this space / Routine / Business in Town / Seen it all before / It’s come to this / Trojan For Ever / Both Ways / I still believe / End of the night / Business in Town (Live) / But it’s alright (Live) / Mercy mercy (Live) / Midnight to Six (Live) / Hanging in the balance (Live) / End of the night (Live) / Sweet Soul Music (Live) / The Kid (Original Demo Version) / Underground / I’m a believer

Detour DRLP/CD039 LP/CD

Neil let us know what the songs are about.

1) Can’t Do Without You (7” single previously unreleased)
From my favourite album of all time “I’m A Loser” by Doris Duke produced by Jerry Williams JR (SwampDog) and written by George Jackson. It’s an opera, an absolute masterpiece and a bugger to get hold of.

2) The Kid (EP version)
Gary Bushell’s favourite and the song that got us all the Bruce Springsteen comparisons. It’s about growing up and accepting responsibility but remembering when you looked so fine took on all comers and didn’t give a fuck.

3) Midnight To Six (EP version)
Small Hours anthem. It’s about chasing that perfect night, meeting up, getting your gear, finding the right place at the right time with the right people and doing it all night long.

4) Underground (original demo version)
This is our favourite version of this song and almost the first time we played it. It describes the way music is found, packaged, labelled and then disposed of to make way for the next “new” bollocks.

5) Armistice Day (short interlude)
This is half a song about war. It took a direct hit and remains a beautiful ruin.

6) Watch This Space (demo)
An Orwellian paranoid rant about the power of marketing. I’m with Bill Hicks on this one.

7) Routine (demo)
Small Hours go pseudo funky. Looking for a revolution in the everyday mundaneness of our existence or something.

8) Business In town (EP version)
Everyone thinks this is about fighting. Sheddy is really on about his frustration in dealing with flaky business people and their false promises. He is a journalist after all.

9) Seen It All Before (demo)
The generation gap. Youth Culture is just like sex. Everyone always thinks they are discovering it for the first time in some kind of unique way. It’s just the same old wheel turning.

10) It’s Come To This (demo)
This was our stab at a terrace chant. You got the Oh Oh Oh bit then just insert name/club/enemy/abuse whatever. Oh and it’s about a breakdown in communication.

11) Trojan Forever (short interlude)
Another unfinished little number - We think of it as calypso, sun kissed, tropical lift music.

12) Both Ways (original demo version)
We love this version, as it’s a bit rough and ready but especially for Carol’s luscious organ solo. Well you can’t have it both ways although I’m told certain ladies in certain films often do.

13) I Still Believe (demo)
We used to say that what inspired some songs to achieve greatness was a totally mysterious ingredient X. This is all about that illusive little consonant.

14) End Of The Night (EP version)
The one we always used to finish with probably for no other reason than it has ‘end’ in the title. Also the last track on the Mods Mayday album. It’s about paranoia. Probably speed induced. The result of spending too many nights from midnight to six.

15) The Kid (Original demo version)
Dizzy wanted to add this one. I think he even insisted.

16) Underground (B-side to Can’t Do Without You)
This is what happens when the funny drugs come out to play.

17) I’m A Believer (Bonus track for 12” single)
We used to do this for a laugh at sound checks.

18) Business In Town (live)
19) But It’s Alright (live)
Top Northern tune that we always loved playing and the cue for our fans to dance.

20) Mercy Mercy (live)
A Don Covay cover that let us Stax it up big style.

21) Midnight To Six (live)
22) Sweet Soul Music (live)
We quite often did this for an encore when things really descended into insanity. This is suitably chaotic with loads of mistakes. Love it.

23) Hanging In the Balance (live)
Probably our favourite Small Hours song. We seem to have forgotten to ever record it. Oops. It’s about those times in life when you can smell something big is just around the corner or is it just the fickle finger winding you up again.

24) End Of The Night (live)
Thank you and good night. Well till the next time.

Small Hours EP
1) The Kid
2) Business In Town

1) Midnight To Six
2) End Of The Night

Label: The Automatic Record Company Ltd
Release date: 1980

Mods Mayday 79
1) Hanging In The Balance
2) Midnight To Six
3) End Of The Night

Label: Bridgehouse Records (BHLP0033)
Release date: 1979

The Beat Generation and Angry Young Men
1) Underground
2) The Kid

Label: Well Suspect (SUSS1)
Release date: 1985 (?)

Mods Mayday Midnight at the Bridge
1) Underground
2) The Mess
3) Can't Do Without You
4) By The Light ('End of the Night' longer version)

Label: Reciever (RRCD 228)
Release date: 1990 (?)

There are numerous live tape, I personally have
1) Windsor Castle 30/11/79
2) Welland Park Community Centre, Market Harborough 12/7/80


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