I have so far managed to talk to Neil, Carol & Kym about the band they have provided some interesting anecdotes and new stuff to tell you. The Detour compilation which is long overdue should be out June time 2003. The website is slowly being put together, leave a message to the band in the guest book

If you have any pictures I would like to see them. I always acknowledge who sent them in. The compilation which I have a test copy of sounds great. There are some lost classics and it is nice to get the extra live tracks on the CD.

The nicest thing about the site so far is the pictures which I have managed to get from Carol and Dizzy , many thanks to them both. On the discography page Neil has provided some notes about the tunes, which should also settle some rumours.

If any of you reading this had seen the band can you leave a message. The band mention, the beermats as just some of the people they remember.

Andy (june2003)

The Small Hours
The Anthology

Can’t do without you / The Kid / Midnight to Six / Underground / Armistice Day / Watch this space / Routine / Business in Town / Seen it all before / It’s come to this / Trojan For Ever / Both Ways / I still believe / End of the night / Business in Town (Live) / But it’s alright (Live) / Mercy mercy (Live) / Midnight to Six (Live) / Hanging in the balance (Live) / End of the night (Live) / Sweet Soul Music (Live) / The Kid (Original Demo Version) / Underground / I’m a believer
Detour DRLP/CD039 LP/CD ABOUT June 2003 Preorder www.detour-records.co.uk

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